Each action taken resulted in five more entries for that user. Screenshot showing how someone can get more entries When you’re putting together your giveaway. You elenco telefonico francia can choose exactly which actions will result in bonus entries and how many entries a user elenco telefonico francia will receive for taking each action within KingSumo. There is a range of bonus elenco telefonico francia options available within KingSumo. Screenshot showing options page on the For example, if YouTube is a key channel for your business,

List-Building Is the Most Important

You could use your giveaway elenco telefonico francia as an opportunity to further grow your presence there. When choosing how many bonus entries to give people for each action, think about the amount of work that goes into each action. For example, an Instagram follow might take  elenco telefonico francia  considerably less time than watching a full YouTube video. So you might want to award more elenco telefonico francia entries for watching the video. Once you’ve set up your bonuses, select “Save” and your giveaway is set up and ready to go. Screenshot showing the settings page for viral giveaways

Remarkable Ways to Build Your List

Here are five ways to elenco telefonico francia promote your viral giveaway: 1. Your Email List (Or Contacts) Your email list is a great starting point for promoting your giveaway. Check out how Noah messages his list when he’s announcing a new giveaway: Screenshot showing an email promoting a giveaway. Now the main goal of your giveaway is likely to be reaching new people and generating new leads for your business, but your existing mailing list is a perfect starting point for promotion because: You can deliver value to your current subscribers and give them the chance to win some awesome prizes.

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