Important belongings at home not left indiscriminately, and even special safes bought and locked. However, there are a lot of files and information. That are closely related to us in the mobile phone, and most people do not have special. Protection measures. In addition to the mobile phone itself, it is necessary to do. A password lock, so that no one else has the opportunity to unlock the phone directly. Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets have a built-in “safe folder” function protected by. Knox technology, which can open an additional file in the phone Encrypted independent. Space, without worrying about important information easily obtained, can also “separate public and private” communities and instant messaging apps.


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Prevent the permissions in. The mobile phone from easily accessed by APPs from unknown sources. The operating system of the current smart phone will display the mobile phone functions or user information that Lithuania Phone Number the APP needs to obtain authorization one by one when the APP is installed and started. Have you noticed what access permissions these apps are asking you for? Especially for financial apps that involve sensitive information, you should pay attention to whether your private information “sold” by yourself unknowingly! If you accidentally give permission by “hand swiping” for a while, your personal data exposed or even “monitored”.


At present

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There are quite a few anti-virus and anti-hack tools on the mobile phone platform, and even many brands of mobile phones directly choose to cooperate with information security companies to build relevant protection mechanisms into the mobile phone, but in addition to these “software” protection, we should Pay attention to the protection measures of mobile phones in terms of “hardware”. Taking Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablets as an example, the built-in Samsung Knox protection technology provides “hardware-level” protection, such as built-in dedicated security processors and memory, which can additionally encrypt the passwords stored on the mobile phone. , to prevent hackers from directly taking away all control.

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