B2B customer journey mapping relies heavily on data as it’s overly complex and can have many more customer touchpoints than B2C customer journey mapping.

A good customer journey map helps you identify where you can do better, while a bad one sits on a poster in your office. So gather data on as many different touchpoints as possible to optimize your business practices.

Customer Personas

Who is your ideal customer? Understanding your Canadian CEO Email Lists customer’s journey doesn’t mean much unless you know who’s walking it. That is why you should create personas. Personas are caricatures of your ideal customer, who they are, and what they need.

In B2B customer journey mapping, personas can get messy because there’s more than one buyer, and buyers and users may not be the same people, which is why you should include personas for all of them. Buyer personas, user personas, buyer-user personas. Experience and digitization, there is customer service that can really make a difference to a company in this time of high expectations. Who is connected to other departments and teams that maintain customer contact and can respond adequately to (new) wishes and needs. Think of the contact center and the field service.

Include their job title, company size, what they’re looking for in your product. The customer needs between buyers and users might differ, and their decision-making process focuses on different things.

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Learn About Your Consumers

Buyers tend to focus on value, while users focus on your product’s integration and usability. So you need to create these personas and find different ways to target them. You should ensure you are getting through to your target audience and even create profiles for the ideal company you would like to work with, like what industry they should be in and how many employees they have.

You should have a good idea of whom you want to work with and check if your current clients match this profile. If they don’t, you may wish to change your marketing strategies to target the B2B customers you want.

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