Form Once you fill out the form with your first and last name. Your email and a password, you will need to check two boxes. The first one is 100% optional, and you should only check it. If you want to receive promotional emails from Wallapop. The second box is mandatory , so you must check it. Wallapop if you are going to sell on this platform Once you have checked the required box. You will now be able to click on the button that says ” Create an account “. Confirm your new Wallapop account Once you have clicked on the ” Create an account ” button. A final window will appear, which is a confirmation message indicating. Confirm your new. Wallapop account What you should do is just that. Go to the inbox of the email you used and open the message that Wallapop has sent you.

It will be quite similar to this message. Open the message Wallapop sent you You just click on the button. That I highlight and that says ” Verify account “. Login to Wallapop You are now ready to start uploading your products. Upload your first product Once you are on the main page of Wallapop with your session logged in. Go back to the top right of the screen. This time you will click on the button that says “. Upload Product ” Login to Wallapop. Wallapop detects your location. If you have it activated on your device). Although I am in Cádiz. I have changed it to Barcelona (both Spanish cities) to test it and it works ‘like a Swiss watch’. You are going to upload The next step will be to choose what type of product you are going to sell .

Notice How As Soon Finland phone number As You Register

Wallapop will give you the following Finland phone number options. Something I no longer need (products in general) A vehicle A property (houses, apartments, premises, etc.) My services (in case you want to offer a service) Employment (if you are looking for someone to work with you) Choose what type of product you are going to uploadYou can choose any, depending on the type of product you want to publish on Wallapo. For this case we will go for ” Something I no longer need “. 7. Fill in your product information Once you have clicked on any of the options. The information of the product you are going to sell. Fill in your product information You have to be as specific as possible , as this will ensure that you attract more attention from platform buyers. The more specific you are with your product information.

Finland phone number

The faster you will sell it In addition to the basic information such as the name of the product, the price, what type of product it is and the description, there are some important fields that you must fill out. Photos Include as many photos of the product as you can, and make sure they are quality photos. Shipping Wallapop offers the ability to ship your products through their own service, and this is always free, so it’s a great perk if you’re looking to save a few bucks on shipping. Almost everything can be sent by Wallapop There are very few products that are prohibited in this service , so it is advisable to choose the size of the shipment. It ranges from 2Kg to 30Kg maximum. If it weighs more than 30Kg, you must go to an external Courier service.

Choose What Finland phone number Type Of Product

Location The last option that Wallapop offers is geolocation . This option decreases the number of potential customers, yes, but it also drastically reduces competition, and allows you to sell to those who are close to you. Please note that this option will simply show where your profile is located That is, you will not be forced to sell only to people who are around you , but they will be your biggest clientele, since in general, people prefer to buy in nearby places. All your products will be displayed in the same place, it is important that you remember this. 8. Upload your product Once you have finished filling out the product information form, simply click the button that says ” Upload Product ” at the bottom of the page. upload your product Once it has been uploaded, you will go to another page where a pop-up message will appear confirming.

That your product has been successfully uploaded to the platform. In addition to this, it will also give you the option to “Highlight your product” , with which you can give it more visibility. This option costs about €0.99, and will help you reach more potential customers. Of course, although it is a great help, it is optional, so it is not mandatory to sell on Wallapop Do you know what products are best sold online? Find out in this Mega Guide created for you! Now your used objects are one step away from taking up space at home! You can share the URLs of your “product sheets” on your social networks and thus have greater visibility. It’s only a matter of time before you start generating a few extra euros with those products that you don’t use and that are just collecting dust at home.


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