Can increase conversions and sales a great deal.[*] Here’s an example of what this might look like when a customer adds a Nike shoe to their cart, then comes back to the site. Screenshot showing a product page We’ll dive into some specific tactics on how to personalize your pages to your customer’s previous behavior below. 10. LIMITED-TIME OFFERS One specific way to boost conversions is using copy that creates a sense of eagerness to convert your users. With what? With that good old “U-word” all us marketers are so used to typing. “URGENCY” You can create a sense of urgency on your pages through many different means beyond just copywriting.

Tips For Maximizing Your Sales

On top of headlines that imply a sense of urgency and direct, action-focused call to actions (CTAs).  Screenshot showing an event sale page If you have Austria B2B List post a live countdown of how many items you have left. Or stress how much time the user has to act on this specific offer. Screenshot showing two variations of copy By emphasizing the limited-time offer, you can evoke some urgency in your users that should generate an increase in sales. For instance, the conversion rate of Variation B from the above screenshot performed nearly three

Using Opt-In Email Newsletters

Times better than the original, boosting sales from 3.5% to 10%. 11. PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION ENGINES (PRES) The smarter shopping platforms and product engines become. The more useful they become to marketers looking to optimize their ecommerce performance. With certain shopping platforms’ AI, you don’t even have to research your repeat customers to find their favorite products. Tools, called Product Recommendation Engines, will find your best products to recommend for you.[*] Screenshot showing recommended products These PREs will take into account your users’ different clicks,

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