This new form is for your mobile Chile Email List visitors. Name it what you named the previous form, except substitute. Go to the Display Rules again. Set it for the page you want Chile Email List the form to appear on, only this time change the second display rule to show only on Mobile: Screenshot showing the. Sumo Chile Email List dashboard Now this form will show to mobile visitors. Measuring the effectiveness of each device is easy when set up like this. You simply go to to create an a/b test between the two forms you created.

How To Quickly Build a List

Hit a Statistical Significance of you Chile Email List can click the Use This button to declare a winner. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Within a few weeks you should know whether you need to pay more attention to optimizing for mobile. The Hack: Remove low social share Chile Email List counts to stop chasing your visitors away. They make you look like the kid sitting alone at the Chile Email List cafeteria. Ever walk into a restaurant and immediately want to leave because there’s no other diners. That’s “anti-social proof,” and it’s why restaurants fill the tables at the front of the store near the windows first.

How to Send Bulk Email Get the Best

When you’re displaying weak social Chile Email List proof – low numbers, empty comments forms, little engagement – which demonstrates that your site isn’t popular. Discourages people from sharing, liking, or signing up. Screenshot showing Sumo share buttons on a landing Chile Email List page. Nobody wants to sign up for an email list or hire a contractor from a website others are avoiding. So you can instantly increase your conversions by removing this anti-social proof. HOW TO CASH IN ON THIS HACK The most common type of anti-social proof is low social sharing numbers.

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