That is why a photograph cannot have individual good elements. Either the whole is saved or the whole is discarded. Even harder either it exists or it doesn’t. Another point that is indirectly connected to the immateriality of photography. Is the need that the general public feels to connect. It with its subject. Something very logical since the viewer replaces. The materiality that he senses does not exist with. The materiality of the subject that he recognizes.

The exact place it depicts and even

Than the photographically uneducated Image Manipulation Service connoisseur the photograph is indeed an imprint and as such can only derive meaning from the actual presence of what it captures. Almost never in front of a painting will he wonder about the exact place it depicts and even if he recognizes it he will not attach special importance to it. On the other hand a photographic cultivation and familiarity with the corresponding considerations is required so that the well intentioned and above all open viewer can perceive immateriality transcend it and perceive the photographic moment and the photographic event that it proposes to him  photographer.

Image Manipulation Service

Almost never in front of a painting

I therefore feel that I have to help the viewer SG Phone List without deceiving him to appreciate the photographs for what they really are and not for what they might pretend or what they show. To avoid the first I try to make it. Easier for his gaze to focus on each photo by capturing it as a whole. I avoid unnaturally large sizes for. The photograph that require an equally unnatural distance. Between it and the viewer’s position or very small sizes. That force the viewer to study the photograph closely like an entomologist.

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