The improved list view experience in WordPress 6.0 Block editor enhancements New core blocks WordPress 6.0 will ship with several new blocks including post author biography, avatar, no result in query loop and read more. We want to point you to the new comment query loop block because it further ‘blockifies’ the comment section of your post. France Phone Number With this new block, you’ll get plenty of customization options to France Phone Number design the comment section the way you want to. The comment query loop block lets you customize your comment section with More features and enhancements.

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Improvements and enhancements to the block editor that we can’t cover everything in this post. Instead, we will mention a few that we think will be the most beneficial for you. The first new enhancement in the France Phone Number block editor we want to introduce is block locking. France Phone Number Moving forward, you’ll be able to lock a block so it can’t be moved and/or edited. A locked block will display a padlock when you click on it. And when you open the list view, you’ll also see the padlock indicating a locked block. This feature is especially useful if you work a lot with reusable blocks and don’t want anyone messing around with those blocks.

It’s Also Beneficial for France Phone Number

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Preserving design layouts when you’re creating templates or working with clients. The new block locking UI Next to that, in WordPress 6.0, when you customize a button and then add a new button using the plus button, it will have the same style as the one you’ve just customized. France Phone Number Before, you would need to redo all the customization if you want to France Phone Numbers add several buttons with the same style. Another cool feature in this new version is style retention. It’s now possible to keep a block’s style when transforming certain blocks from one type to another and vice versa.

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