Most content marketers never take the time to Graphic Design fact-check their posts, and many don’t even think it’s feasible due to strict time and budget constraints.  Google doc posted on Matt Navarra’s Twitter. Navarra is a social media consultant who posted the slides for a webinar on Facebook. In essence, Facebook will use signals to determine which content to make the most visible. These signals include comments, likes, shares, Messenger shares, and engagement.  Graphic Design One of the best ways to drive better user engagement on Facebook is through video content. Video ranks high in terms of shareability as part of a marketing campaign. A survey found that video content was 600% more effective as a marketing tool than direct mail and print combined. Online video traffic now accounts for approximately 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.

Videos Under Two Minutes Receive the Best User  Graphic Design

Just look at this widely cited statistic to Graphic Design see that this happens more often than you might think: “Women make up 85% of all consumer purchases.” Increase your video content on Facebook to attract more comments and shares, and to tick the boxes on Facebook’s requirement for meaningful interactions. Views and likes are no longer enough to keep  Graphic Design your branded content front and center. You need better user engagement to stay in the game, and video is the  way to go. Focus on your video marketing this year to keep up with Facebook’s new algorithm. Other ideas to encourage comments are asking questions at the end of posts or posting a hot topic that is sure to spark heated debate in the comments section.

 Facebook’s New Modus Operandi Rewards Some Interactions  Graphic Design

Graphic Design


more than others. Where before Facebook’s algorithm Graphic Design considered things like views and likes, it now prioritizes more involved forms of content engagement, including comments. Comment sections on your branded content should be a space that welcomes opinions, tags, emojis, and other interactions. The more comments your content receives, the easier it will be for Facebook to recognize it as something that drives meaningful engagements.How does Graphic Design a company promote reviews? Contests and giveaways are a good idea and always get more comments and tags than other types of branded content on social media. Host a small giveaway, where Graphic Design you’ll randomly select a winner from the comments section. Ask people to like your page, leave a comment and tag at least two friends to qualify for the contest.

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