Customers? Yes. Why? Sumo’s tech nerds use cookie-based technology to only show the cart abandonment incentive to people once. That means people who buy without trying to leave your cart don’t see the popup, and pay your normal price. Everyone else will see your popup, so you can incentivize them to purchase. This automatically stops you from annoying your website visitors and showing discounts to returning customers. (unless they use a different device, clear their cookies, or use incognito mode). Here’s what it looks like (anyone on one of your web pages containing the word “cart,” “checkout” or “checkouts” who tries to

From Your Website Visitors

Leave, will see your popup): Screenshot showing Sumo shortcut settings It’s like having a 24/7 salesperson watching the mouse movement of every website visitor. Right when Namibia Email List your salesperson jumps into action with an irresistible offer to buy. You can try this strategy for free on your Shopify store by clicking the button below. Here’s how Sumo’s top ten Shopify stores are using the strategy. SHOPIFY STORE #1: THE HORSE Industry: Accessories (Leather Goods) Company Size: 2-10 Employees Cart Abandonment

How To Build Your Opt-In List

Off Sumo Design Template: Impress Screenshot showing a Sumo popup Results Views. 20,701 (number of people who showed an intent to exit and were shown the cart abandonment popup) Email Conversions. 7,749 (how many people entered their email on the popup form). New Customers: 3,868 (how many people of the “views” above purchased instead of leaving) New Sales: $311,585.73 (how much sales came from people who purchased using the discount code). Screenshot showing Sumo discount campaigns Total Paid For Sumo: $543.02 Total Sales From Sumo: $311,585.73 ROI: 573X SHOPIFY STORE #2: M2S BIKES

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