In a world full of news and information, how can media outlets improve their visibility to earn competing clicks from readers? The answer lies in SEO for media. Tatiana Forego Aug 28, 20 | 13 min read SEO strategy for media It turns out that, unlike SEO for SMEs , corporate blogs or e-commerce , SEO for media has particularities that increase the competition and complexity of organic positioning. Just imagine being in front of the SEO team in a moment of breaking news ! Dozens of media outlets competing, almost in real time, to appear in Google’s Featured News carousel.


In the World of Immediacy Get to Know the

Driven by digital transformation , it is when SEO for media becomes especially important. But the matter is far from ending there, since the migration of the Iceland Phone Number media towards the digital forces to attend to an increasingly constant flow of news. In this scenario, the journalist must not only know how to write; he must also learn to optimize his pages to win in the competition for content dissemination and user attention. Do you want to know what SEO for media is about? Keep reading to learn the key factors and the best strategies to boost the organic positioning of your content.


15 Effective Seo Strategies

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For Media 1. Create valuable and original content Let’s start with the basics, shall we? One of the essential actions in any SEO strategy is the creation of complete and original content that truthfully keeps the reader informed. Do not forget that for the media it is essential to create content that, in addition to being relevant and original, follows the ethics of journalistic practice and editorial lines. In the end, we not only want to please Google, but also communicate valuable information to users.

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