Your product or service does not have to have a direct competitor, but can be an addition to a product/service that already exists. Cameras on cell phones have Somalia Email List gotten fairly advanced, but the video capabilities are lacking. There’s a viable market for detachable Somalia Email List mobile phone camera lenses. Screenshot of a pre-order landing page for a filmmaking device. This kind of success is one outcome of understanding the market and standing out from your competitors.

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Moment and it’s direct competitors  are private companies. So finding their exact market share and revenue is tricky. To find your SOM, use industry websites to find estimates of revenues and market share for businesses in your industry. Some websites you can use to find different industry Somalia Email List data include. Neilson Deloitte Statista STR Industry specific sites such as. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for example Use This Ecommerce Business Plan Template. To Enter Your TAM, SAM, And SOM BUSINESS MODEL An effective business model is paramount to profit creation.

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Your business model is the Somalia Email List framework of how you plan to capture a share of the market. It outlines how you plan on selling your product or service to buyers. B2B A picture of boxes stemming from a bigger box Business-to-Business (B2B) means you sell your Somalia Email List product to other businesses instead of individual customers. A B2B company can be a service provider, but it can also sell a physical good such as an office furniture supplier. C2C A picture of boxes stemming from a bigger box Customer-to-Customer (C2C) means you provide a platform for customers to trade or sell with each other.

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