Screenshot showing a Sumo welcome mat Instead of just typing any old phrase into the headline of your Welcome Mat, make the call to action compelling and benefits Portugal Phone Number List driven. Always ask yourself what the visitor will get from taking the action you want them to Portugal Phone Number List take. Then, communicate the shit out of that benefit. Once you’ve made sure your call to action is strong. Welcome Mat works Portugal Phone Number List so well because it isolates the call to action. There are no extraneous distractions surrounding the call to action, which leads to higher conversions.

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In case you don’t want to scroll up, that’s almost 10 times higher. Than the average of 2.6%. Read it and weep. To do this, create your Welcome Mat, then head to Display Portugal Phone Number List Rules and set it to only show on. Screenshot showing settings on the Sumo dashboard You’ll inevitably see an increase in opt-ins from doing this. Bring up Sumo and try it out for free. SCROLL BOX So you decided to go Portugal Phone Number List the polite route and set up a Scroll Box and you’re wondering if your 0.50% opt-in rate is making the cut? Well the average Scroll Box conversion rate is

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Graph showing scroll box opt-in rates But if Portugal Phone Number List you’re seeing conversions of less than 0.01%, you are officially the weakest link. Nah, just kidding. But you are in the bottom 25%. Don’t worry, that’s completely fixable. Just use these few hacks to quickly increase your Portugal Phone Number List Scroll Box conversion rate. With your Scroll Box, the trigger percent is simply how far the Portugal Phone Number List user gets down your page before the Scroll Box pops up. The default is 40% – so that means that your readers have to go about 40% through an article or a piece of copy before your Scroll

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