Google’s total advertising revenue fell 8% to $29.9 billion. In Chile Phone Number q2 from a year earlier as the pandemic’s economic fallout weighed on marketers’ media. Spending, according to a quarterly report parent company alphabet shared thursday. It was first time in the. Search giant’s 26-year history that its ad revenue had declined from Chile Phone Number the prior year, the wall street journal. Reported. Youtube eked out a 5.8% gain to $3.8 billion in ad revenue, a significant slowdown from the 33% lift. The video-sharing site saw in q1, and the 36% growth for all of 2019. Alphabet in february disclosed. Youtube’s ad revenue for the first time, indicating how the site had become a key source of the overall. Company’s ad revenue growth. Alphabet’s total revenue slipped 1.7% to $38.9 billion, but its growing. Cloud computing business helped to offset bigger declines in ad sales. Traffic acquisitions costs (tac), which the company pays

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Traffic to its sites, dropped 7.5% to $6.7 billion. Sponsored. By podium [ebook] sms marketing 101 sms marketing invites responses. The key is knowing how to. Message the right way. Learn sms marketing strategies that capture your customers’ attention. Learn more dive insight: google’s slide in ad revenue shows how a pandemic-related pullback in Chile Phone Number media spending. Is affecting companies in different ways. Twitter last week also reported a drop in q2 ad revenue, contrasting. With the gains reported this week by facebook, amazon and snap. However, google’s digital ad. Business is bigger and more mature than those of its rivals, making its prior growth rates harder to achieve. Even when economic conditions are better. Youtube was a notable bright spot, though its growth slowed. Significantly from prior periods. The results follow a forecast last month by groupm, the media-buying unit of ad

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The global digital advertising market this year Chile Phone Number would shrink 2.3% and that search advertising would fall 2.6% to $109 billion due to the pandemic. Alphabet’s management three months ago had hinted that q2 results would be lackluster. At that time, cfo ruth porat said ad revenue was on course to fall by a “mid-teens percentage” in Chile Phone Number march from a year earlier, but that it had showed signs of stabilizing in april. She also said youtube’s ad revenue growth was in the “high single digits.” the final results for q2 indicate that the company did see gradual improvement as the period progressed and revenues rebounded slightly. By the end of june, advertising revenue was flat with the prior year, porat said in yesterday’s conference call with analysts, and she expressed caution about the near-term outlook. “as we progressed through the second quarter, we saw a gradual return in user search activity to more commercial topics, and then that was followed by an increase

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