Descriptions YouTube descriptions are where you can include all relevant supporting information about a video. Greece Phone Number This may include links to external resources, hashtags, and video chapters with the “key moments” feature. YouTube and Google do parse the description of your video. Studies even suggest that videos with detailed descriptions tend to Greece Phone numbers rank higher than those without one. Hashtags Hashtags can be included within a YouTube description. They form an increasingly important method of navigating and locating content. If you want to use them, make sure you include appropriate ones. This will increase the overall number of impressions your videos can get from hashtag pages.

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YouTube Tags. YouTube Tags is a largely redundant feature that sits in the backend of YouTube creator studio. Greece Phone Number Recency Broadly speaking, YouTube will tend to prefer newer videos over older videos. This is particularly true for certain queries, which are likely treated with something akin to a QDF (query deserves freshness) treatment. Greece Phone Number If you’re trying to rank for a competitive term with a video that’s three years old, we suggest you refresh and republish the video. Authority Quality views While many companies try to increase their YouTube

Authority by Spending Loads Greece Phone Number

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On ads to increase view counts, this doesn’t directly help rankings. That’s because the number of high-quality views matters more than the raw view count. But what are high-quality views? Greece Phone Number They are from genuine, engaged users who watch a significant portion of your video. There isn’t an easy way to achieve high-quality views. Greece Phone Number You simply have to work hard to build up a subscriber base and an engaged audience. If you have managed that, then anything new you launch is likely to have a good number of quality views out of the gate.

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