In the early 2000s, PayPal spent US$60 China B2B List million on its referral incentives. New customers got $20 for signing up, and existing ones got $20 for China B2B List referrals. This referral program helped PayPal acquire 1 million users by March 2000 and 5 China B2B List million by summer 2000. Today I’m going to show you how your eCommerce business can replicate what PayPal China B2B List did in the early 2000s. ou have a system that will make you money and benefit the buyers when you get their attention. Getting their

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I tracked down an eCommerce company that incentivized customer behavior just like PayPal did in 2000. And I’m going to show you how they have used it to China B2B List generate $4,950 in new product sales. The eCommerce company is called Ergodriven, and it sells a cool product China B2B List called Topo which we use in the Sumo office all the time. It improves people’s health and productivity China B2B List by reducing fatigue at their standing desks. Picture of a man standing on a standing desk floor mat It’s not just the product that’s cool though. Kit Perkins (Founder/CEO at Ergodriven) showed me something just as great… their product referral strategy.

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When Kit was running Ergodriven’s China B2B List DIY crowdfunding campaign he collected preorders for Topo. Then sent people to this order success page: Screenshot of a cashback offer. All people had to do was share Topo on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email and if one of their friends China B2B List bought, Ergodriven would refund $10 to the customer. As someone shared to more of their social China B2B List profiles, Ergodriven had a progress bar. At the bottom of the page to encourage people to get to 100% by sharing across all three promotion channels. Screenshot of a cashback offer Kit recognized that it costs a lot of time, effort, and money to get a customer

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