Harper Wilde HarperWilde everyday bras and is one of the best omnichannel examples of an exceptional and consistent brand voice. It stands to reason that they carry this over into their content marketing as well. Harper Wilde’s blog is a great example for many ecommerce businesses to emulate. It uses direct and versatile strategies, focusing on creating content that answers. The questions users often have about bra shopping, sizing, and care. HarperWilde Your blog also doubles as an FAQ section of your site. Which is a great strategy. Thanks to it, customers return, and the company has a space to launch product promotions, and use their images. While still offering incredible value. Again, this is a great way to engage users through search engines. As they are answering questions that users are constantly asking.

While this information is available at almost every online bra store, it’s the way Harper Wilde presents this information that makes the difference. Her voice is distinct and focuses on acceptance and optimism in relation to the body . It is easy to understand and entertaining but above all fun . His blog doubles as an FAQ section All they ask is that women post a photo of how they would react to someone who asks to send them a photo of their naked body; in return, they donate a bra. This initiative is a clear brand promotion that attracts attention; integrated social media campaigns and the content created by them are a good method of dissemination. There is no doubt that if you want to distinguish yourself from others, this blog is a good option to define your voice.

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Free guide: How to take advantage of social Belarus Phone Number networks to promote your products. And services Do you already have a presence with your business in the main social networks? These, in addition to being useful for creating a community and boosting your branding, can help you sell more. Discover the best techniques in this free ebook! Another element of their content marketing is also used by Harper Wilde to expand their email list and cater to their subscribers. Her email sign-up form is located below her blog and encourages users to sign up to receive “bra tips and puns.” This is consistent with your brand voice and also ensures that they will share more content through your newsletter. Key recommendations: A strong and recognizable brand voice that your audience can respond to will help create memorable content.

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Your blog can be used to share contests, causes, and other business initiatives. Use your content to promote and get more subscriptions to your email list. 8. Sole Bicycles Sole Bicycles Last but not least, we have Sole Bicycles , an ecommerce site that has all kinds of bicycles available to customers. So it’s only natural that your blog is also original. If you want to have an essentially visual blog but with enough context for those images to have meaning, the Sole Bicycles blog is a good example. His blog focuses on images, although there is a paragraph or two of text above all of them. In this way, they have space to tell stories about exciting places that you can discover on board your bike and why cycling through New York or Los Angeles is much better than traveling by taxi. His blog focuses on images.

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They achieve this thanks to their extraordinary storytelling, which captures the adventures that are experienced on bicycles instead of focusing on the bicycles themselves. The articles are intense and dynamic, despite being short; they try to evoke a feeling instead of inciting reading. They have snippets of information on “ How to Bring Bikes to Cuba ” and their article “ In Search of Aloha ” which includes a full playlist meant to get your mind in the right frame of mind. Wanderlust is a big deal and while most of your customers will only ride these bikes around their own neighborhoods, it’s tempting to buy one for the sheer joy of getting around on your own two-wheeler. Key recommendations: If you decide to have a visual-focused blog, use text and storytelling to contextualize.

You can include a wide variety of content, not just words. Aim for the sentiment you want your product to inspire and focus your blog on eliciting that mood. Still unaware of the importance of content marketing in a digital strategy? Discover this guide with all the steps to follow. Now it’s your turn, it’s time to create a blog for your online store! Writing a blog has a lot of potential if you want to build your brand, increase email subscribers, build relationships with potential customers , and drive sales. That said, the benefits are incredible as long as they are implemented correctly and consistently. The ecommerce blogs we have analyzed belong to very different sectors, target different audiences, and each use different approaches that have worked well for them . Likewise, as long as you prioritize serving your audience, you too can find your own approach.


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