EXIT INTENT POPUPS Thus far. The Latvia B2B List tips we’ve discussed to help you with cart abandonment have been ways to lower friction to make Latvia B2B List conversion easier. Well, then you can implement some less-gentle tactics like the example below. Screenshot showing a sumo popup Latvia B2B List This exit intent popup generated $50,522.22 sales in 30 days for The Horse (a small ecommerce company in Australia). You can see step-by-step how they set it up here.

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Using exit popups can help remind users that they still have items in their cart they have yet to purchase. And prompt them to finish their order. Not all cart Latvia B2B List abandonments are straightforward bounces off your domain. Some can be attributed to users simply forgetting Lithuania B2B List to finish the transaction. And, on top of that, some cart abandonments are due in some part to uncertainty about the quality of Latvia B2B List the domain, payment method, or product.[*] Exit popups can both remind users who have forgotten to convert, and encourage users who are on the edge, both of which should be good for your sales.

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You can even create exit surveys Latvia B2B List that ask users why they were bouncing. Which can help inform your future landing page strategies. 22. SOCIAL LOGIN If you’ve implemented any form of loyalty programs to increase the CLV of your ecommerce customers, you may Latvia B2B List be using a login for users to gain access. Guest what? Users hate that. With users today having to remember Latvia B2B List so many different usernames and passwords, adding one more isn’t helping you at all. This is where plugins like Latvia B2B List Social Login can help give your loyalty program a little boost. Here’s how Huckberry does it: Screenshot showing a signup page Social Login allows

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