Your customers is a great way to share how much you appreciate them, publicly. Create good relationships with customers to make your brand stand out from the competition. User-generated content is especially great in the creative industries, because your customers rely on exposure to grow their own audience . For example: hairdressers love to be featured on Instagram; while small businesses love recognition on Twitter or on the blog. As that can help give them credibility and gain customers. And besides, it creates a bond between you and them. Leg3nd The best way to thank customers on Instagram for their purchases is to share their posts . This has been perfectly understood by the entrepreneurs who created the Leg3nd store with Shopify. In fact, one of the ways in which they achieve the best engagement with their clients is by sharing all the content that their clients generate on the networks.

And that causes the clients themselves to be willing to publish images. With their new Leg3nd garments on their social networks, so that the online store itself shares the post and thus obtain greater repercussion. thank you purchase A “thank you for your purchase” is enough There are many different ways to thank your customers and create moments of delight after the purchase. Remember that the key is to be personal, considerate and genuine . Customers, and people in general, love a sincere thank you, but they don’t like hypocrisy. If you have an attitude of gratitude, creating connections with customers will come naturally. Building these relationships with customers gives you the opportunity to set your brand apart from the competition Do you want (and need) to have more creativity ? A good idea, like lightning, seems to come unexpectedly.

What Is Costa Rica phone number Creativity?

Sometimes you spend a good part of the day Costa Rica phone number looking for inspiration without finding it. On the other hand, creativity floods your mind at times… There are times when your muse racks your brain for hours until you come up with a brilliant idea. Everything to capture your creativity in your digital business. Remember that if it is not up to your ideas, you will always feel that something is out of place… For this, Shopify is the most solid and attractive platform you can find: You have 14 days free to create your online store. No credit card, easy and intuitive. Email address Email address Would you like to keep a constant flow of good ideas to apply to your projects? Discover the advice of Paula Garrofé , who knows a lot about it.

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Press play and take note of these creativity tips! Have you been wanting more? Subscribe to the Shopify Ecommerce Masters podcast on your favorite platform, and join us for our next episode to learn more from the ecommerce experts. What is creativity? Good ideas don’t come from banging your head against your desk, rest assured… Everything you absorb from the world around you is processed in your brain , and the “ideas” are just the relationships between those things. Creativity is the process of connecting dots, each “dot” is an experience, a concept or an element of knowledge that you have compiled Having creativity is a talent of invention and discovery. Do you want an example? The idea of ​​Velcro was born when George de Mestral , a Swiss engineer who was hiking in the mountains, noticed that his pants and his dog’s fur had pebbles stuck to it.

How To Develop Costa Rica phone number It In Marketing?

Now it is used in shoes and even at NASA. What is creativity? Velcro Example Yet another example? I’m sure you’re also familiar with the story of how Isaac Newton defined gravity , after watching an apple fall from a tree. He connected this fact with his knowledge of physics and mathematics. The appeal of the idea is how we draw on what already exists to generate something different , just by looking at existing concepts from a new angle. Separately, hats and cats are simple concepts, right? But if you combine them, you get a concept that people search for more than 14,000 times a month on Google (“cat hats”) A somewhat “simple” concept becomes a potential business idea. Most of the great ideas stories seem to have come out of nowhere.

Where do the good ideas come from? (and how to have more and better ones) Creativity is necessary and part of many disciplines, whether you are an entrepreneur, a creator, a manufacturer or a marketer. The creative and conception process remains a bit of a mystery today. This process is something you can improve and train over time, to constantly generate good ideas. The 4 stages of intentional ideation of creativity What is creativity? Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels The creative process is perhaps best understood through the model outlined by Graham Wallas , which is divided into four stages. Preparation: Outline problem and requirements, collect information. Incubation: Give your mind time to assimilate and work through different possibilities, among all the ones you have accumulated in the preparation stage. Lighting: “ Eureka!” is the beginning of a work idea.


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