Covid-19 themes appeared in 32% of holiday. Ads Belgium Phone Number analyzed by ace metrix, with many focusing on the “new normal” versus traditional seasonal concepts. The report found campaigns that nod to the pandemic fared slightly better with viewers than those that did not, but. It was not a meaningful difference. Under 10% of holiday Belgium Phone Number ads feature masks this year, with the retail. Category most frequently emphasizing face coverings, particularly around scenes of in-store shopping. As with broad references to the coronavirus, choosing to include masks in holiday ads did not make a noticeable. Impact on their reception. The findings suggest that adjusting marketing to acknowledge a different tone this. Season is potentially more important than digging into specifics of life under the pandemic. Dive insight:

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State of the holidays this year, brands may feel pressure. To walk a fine line in their messaging, balancing themes of connection and warmth while avoiding depictions. Of in-person gatherings. Ace metrix’s report emphasizes that referencing the realities of the pandemic. Isn’t necessarily a recipe for success, even as covid-19 safety measures take on Belgium Phone Number fresh urgency with. Virus cases climbing to new peaks around the country. In fact, an “overwhelming majority” of viewers. Surveyed by ace metrix did not seem to care or comment on ads featuring get-togethers of friends and. Family with no social distancing measures or masks in place. Less than 1% of viewers, on average, called. Out their negative feelings toward such ads, though those that did criticized them for

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Ultimately, only 7% of the 125 holiday ads analyzed Belgium Phone Number took what ace metrix described as “pre-covid-19 outlook” in portraying large gatherings. The absence of many ads depicting masks is potentially unsurprising: ace metrix identified apathy toward masks in a previous report from july that revealed fewer than 1% of viewers Belgium Phone Number commented on the lack of face coverings in advertising. Responses to masks in marketing are also stark around political lines, with 76% of republican audiences feeling negatively toward their inclusion and 88% of democrats feeling positively, the latest research found. While many holiday ads make some acknowledgment of the new normal under the pandemic — embodied in services like curbside pickup and contactless payments — other common activities for homebound consumers are sparsely represented. Just 7% of the ads analyzed by ace metrix include

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