Retention refers to how much of your video users watch on average before they get bored and click on something else. Hong Kong Phone Number But it’s especially important to note how well your video performs in comparison to similar-length videos on a similar topic. Hong Kong Phone Number So, what are ways to improve your retention? For example, have a compelling start to your video. Promise value to your audience, then keep them hooked with good pacing. Impression click-through rate If your video shows up on YouTube’s discover page and a lot of people click on it, your click-through rate will likely be good.

In Click-through Rate Hong Kong Phone Number

CTR measures the rate at which users click to watch your video whenever they are presented with it. Hong Kong Phone Number What’s more, if more people click on your video than other videos, your view count increases and the algorithm understands that your video is a good result for the query. So, how do you make sure people click on your video? Try to Hong Kong Phone Numbers to create compelling thumbnails and titles for your videos. And don’t be afraid to switch it up and try something new. You need to find out what catches your audience’s attention.

Channel Factors Authority Hong Kong Phone Number

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A big impact on how likely a video will rank. If you’re starting fresh, it’s very hard to compete with a channel. That generates a large number of views with every video. Especially if they publish a similar video. Hong Kong Phone Numbers But what defines channel authority? Hong Kong Phone Numbers Broadly speaking, channel authority is determined by the average quality of the channel’s content (i.e. quality views and retention rates for each video) and the number of active subscribers. If your channel gets a lot of engagement with each new video, it’s much easier to get your new content to rank for relevant queries.

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