Just install and activate it, then go to the “Features” tab. Make sure the “Advanced settings pages” is “Enabled” and that will enable the metadata. Screenshot showing Norway Phone Number List yoast SEO settings on wordpress Next, head back to Pinterest’s validation tool. Simply Norway Phone Number List enter the URL of one of your articles (NOT your home page), hit “Validate”, and your pins Norway Phone Number List should be enriched within an hour. Screenshot showing how to validate and get “rich pins” [STEP #2] ADD 10 BOARDS. WITH 10 PINS EACH Now your Pinterest is

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Properly set up—but it’s looking a Norway Phone Number List little bare. So fill that puppy up! (Note: If you already have a Pinterest account with lots of boards, skip this step.) Create at least 10 boards around your niche. Look at the boards of similar sites for some ideas. For example, my Norway Phone Number List girlfriend Kayla and I made boards for The Wandering RV with categories like RV Travel Norway Phone Number List Destinations, RV Entrepreneurship, Cool RV Mods, etc. Screenshot showing different pinterest boards Note: These boards and pins should be of

OTHER PEOPLE’S content, NOT yours. Norway Phone Number List This is important! It has to look like you actually use Pinterest, not like you’re just spamming your own links. Of course, you should also add a “Best of” board to pin your own content. And, if you’re lucky, you can Norway Phone Number List showcase that board at the top of your profile like this: Screenshot showing pinterest Norway Phone Number List boards I say if you’re lucky because you may not have this available to you right away. Pinterest doesn’t give it to every account immediately. But if you do have it, you’ll know it

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