Lately, many are itching for a similar experience, and. It’s Nigeria Phone Number not necessarily to fly to a remote thai beach or drive cross-country to have an adventure. While those. Things would be nice, consumers all mostly impatient for normalcy. The Nigeria Phone Number simple thought of heading to a neighborhood. Coffee shop or a casual stroll through a favorite clothing shop could spur a smile. Opposite from. This consumer eagerness is hesitancy and desire to remain safe for themselves, their family, friends and community. Retailers are feeling the pressure of both sets of emotions as states across the country begin to. Reopen and allow businesses to start selling under new, stricter guidelines. Starbucks, for example, recently. Announced the reopening of most of its company-owned stores with new parameters and a “monitor and. Adapt” strategy in place. Consumers are weighing this need to stay safe and responsible against their

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Contributing to the economy again. In order to whet. Both appetites, they are relying on content and information now more than ever as we navigate the. Pandemic together. To prepare for this new chapter, retailers must recognize the importance of providing. Clear, fast and accurate information about their business. As companies reopen, consumers will follow. With cautious optimism but are looking at their path to purchase through a new Nigeria Phone Number lens. Marketing strategies. Need to not only meet consumers where they are, but help them make important, informed decisions as “monitor and adapt” reminds us that the only constant we can count on is change. Retailers face adversity as. Consumers use the same channels with new urgency consumer needs have fluctuated since the beginning. Of the pandemic, with people across the country seeking everything from

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In store remains strong, forcing retailers to Nigeria Phone Number manage a lot on their plate. The national retail federation estimated $430 billion in revenue will disappear by the end of june. These retailers are feeling the burden to develop a strategy, plan and timing to reopen; ensure they have sufficient product to sell; manage employee safety; and add and retain customers to support their bottom line. As stores reopen, consumers are using Nigeria Phone Number the same methods on their path to purchase: conducting research online to purchase in-store. But with so daily changes, they need hyperlocal information to determine details as straightforward as whether a store is even open or has amended hours or rules. These consumers will also still look to complete their purchase journey by

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