Most companies are always striving to improve their efficiency. Small performance improvements can make a big difference, and this is where technology and software can play a key role. Your sales reps make thousands of calls a day, so the seconds or minutes wasted on each call can be a huge drain on efficiency. Some prospects will be Georgia Phone Number reachable by phone and some will not. In fact, according to Ryan Reisert , founder of Phone Ready Leads, “On average, out of over 1 million bank calls since this year, about 1/4 to 1/2 of any given list will ever pick up the phone.”

What Is a Sales Dialer?

Where are your reps wasting valuable time when making outbound calls? For most businesses, it involves locating the next prospect’s number and dialing it into the phone. It may only take 20 seconds, but when you add that up to hundreds of employees making high volume calls over an entire year, it quickly turns into a staggering amount of time. Business dialers reduce wasted time on outbound calls by automatically dialing numbers instead of having the employee dial them manually. Outbound calls are very goal-oriented and should create leads and convert sales. This means that employees have quotas to meet, but statistics show that many salespeople struggle to meet those targets.

Why Should You Use a Sales Dialer

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However, there are many legal restrictions surrounding the use of different types of sales dialers. So always be sure to check that you remain compliant before starting with one. Commercial dialers usually connect through your CRM and import your contact list. The software will then scan the list and automatically dial the numbers. Different sales dialers offer slightly different functionality, allowing reps to connect directly with prospects or leave a message, while others use predictive technology. Automated dialing solutions can increase efficiency. And can benefit your sales reps by saving them the hassle of manually dialing numbers and leaving them more energy to spend on their calls.

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