Walmart shows only subcategories at the top of its category pages, for example, and hints at more products below with a product feed. Screenshot showing mobile number tracker france different categories of electronics PRODUCT PAGE A/B TESTING IDEAS Product pages mobile number tracker france are often the core of experimentation. The money is made here! Not only are product pages mobile number tracker france the center of conversion, but it’s also the template with the most pages on an ecommerce site. Hence, mobile number tracker france optimization of product pages often has the biggest impact. Based on that position, product page experiments should be measured by the following metrics

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Revenue Conversions Average order size IDEA #13: FULL VERSUS LEAN PRODUCT PAGE Amazon’s product page is full of information, which leads to the  mobile number tracker france  assumption that more information leads to better conversion rates. So, what do we do with  assumptions? Test! Brainstorm what mobile number tracker france information you can show for your product and experiment with it. Don’t  test 100% of your ideas with the current version. Select a few and iterate on the optimal product page instead. Screenshot showing a product page on amazon. Another interesting experiment is the format you use to communicate product specifications and descriptions.

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One approach is images that mobile number tracker france visualize product attributes like size, quality, material, and more. Here’s how Shopify store Brilliant Bicycle Co. does it: Screenshot showing information about a product In some cases. A simple list might be enough, like Shopify mobile number tracker france store. Great George Watches uses: Screenshot showing product specifications There mobile number tracker france is no right or wrong way, so you have to experiment with it. IDEA #15: HIGHLIGHTING A PRICE REDUCTION Price reductions are one of the main drivers for buyers, and it’s worth experimenting with different ways to display that. Screenshot showing a product page IDEA #16: SHOWING THE

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