As a new ecommerce business, your sales forecast is a prediction of your sales and revenue. Based on educated guesswork about your product or service, Spain Email Lists and the market. You will compare your forecast to actual numbers when you have them. Calculating Revenue Spain Email Lists Projections You want to create a five-year projection. First, create a spreadsheet that outlines your projected sales for Spain Email Lists each month of year one. Then add years two through five to the spreadsheet to demonstrate annual projections. Create a spreadsheet that outlines the following: Units Sold Price Per Unit Sales Revenue

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Unit Cost (Sum of material, labor, fixed and variable costs, and overhead to create one unit). Overhead generally refers to non-labor costs for running your Spain Email Lists business Cost of Sales (Units Sold ✕ Unit Cost). Profit (Sales Revenue minus Cost of Sales) Screenshot of Spain Email Lists an empty spreadsheet. With the title “sales forecast year 1” #4 CALCULATING A REALISTIC SALES Spain Email Lists FORECAST There are two approaches startups and small businesses can take when creating a sales forecast. A picture showing two boxes with different captions The Top-Down Approach.

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This approach uses your knowledge Spain Email Lists of the market to make an assumption that you can capture a certain percentage of. The market within your first year of business, and increase that percentage each year. This may give you an optimistic forecast that may be Spain Email Lists unrealistic to investors. The forecast could also hinder your business decisions when actual numbers come in. Hypothetically, Spain Email Lists if you make candles, then your market research will tell you candles are used in seven out of 10 households in the U.S. There are 126.22 million households in the U.S.

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