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COMMENTS Picture showing dairy email adressen kaufen products and olive oil In a “What you need for a day hike” article: Picture showing some products laid email adressen kaufen down on the floor In their articles with customer stories: Picture promoting a portable stove email adressen kaufen Social media is a needy beast. You have to constantly pump out new content. The solution? Take a ton of email adressen kaufen pictures ahead of time, so you have plenty of photos to share with different angles and takes on your products.

Money Emailing Your List

Pro Tip: In addition to these new photos you take for social media, you can reuse most of the other photos you took earlier. FACEBOOK POST PHOTOS Dimensions: 1200 x 900 px (4:3) Examples: Screenshot showing a Facebook post Screenshot showing a Facebook post When a customer buys a product from you, you have two choices. You could take their payment information, send a confirmation, and end the transaction. That’s what most ecommerce businesses do. OR you could offer them an additional, related product to go with their purchase.

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