Some tips: Check to make sure your hashtag isn’t already being used. Just search for it on Twitter/Instagram. Make it short, easy to spell, and memorable, if possible. TRY TO MAKE IT RELATE TO HALLOWEEN. THIS IS A HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY, AFTER ALL! Nigeria WhatsApp Number List STEP 5: USE THIS VIRAL GIVEAWAY APP There’s a lot more to giveaways than what I’ve Nigeria WhatsApp Number List outlined here, like social media sharing, a point system, etc. Luckily, KingSumo handles Nigeria WhatsApp Number List all that for you. If you just do steps 1-4, KingSumo does the rest — including generating your terms and conditions for you.

To Be Emailing Your List

Below is an example from Groove Candies that got 2,777 entries using KingSumo. For their giveaway prize they offered a Halloween Ultimate Treat Mix with 10 lbs. of trick-or-treat candy: Screenshot showing a promotional banner about halloween 7. USE PINTEREST TO Nigeria WhatsApp Number List The last Halloween marketing Nigeria WhatsApp Number List strategy I have for you is simple: Pinterest. Pinterest is one of THE best places to be as an ecommerce store owner — whether you’re into Halloween or not. Pinterest can help you year-round.

How To Start An Email Newsletter

If you haven’t already, go Nigeria WhatsApp Number List sign up for a Pinterest business account. Then fill out your account with 5-10 boards with 5-10 pins each (so you don’t look like a spammer). Pro tip: Those 5-10 pins should be of OTHER PEOPLE’S content, not your Nigeria WhatsApp Number Listvown. You can create a special “Best of [Your Business Name Here]” board for your content and products. How should you use Pinterest for your Halloween marketing? Here are some pointers. Create Nigeria WhatsApp Number List eye-catching Pinterest graphics for every page, post, and product you want to share on Pinterest (especially those Halloween craft guides you made).

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