Find out what neuromarketing is with Adriana’s advice Subscribe. To Shopify Ecommerce Masters, and listen to a new episode every week on your favorite podcast platform. Now yes! We leave you in writing all the valuable information that Adriana. Has given us in this episode of “Ecommerce Masters”: What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing applied. To marketing and business Examples of neuromarketing If you have an ecommerce, you can also. Do neuromarketing to your customers! 3 neuromarketing tips to improve public trust in an ecommerce. What is neuromarketing? Neuromarketing first of all is a science. If you are also interested in this type. Of technique but you have not yet taken the plunge into the online world, with Shopify you can start today. Do you have a business idea?

I say this because I think it is the first time that people who work in communication. Marketing and advertising can say, “Look, this is a science.” I am not just the humanistic person in the family, but I can check, I can measure. And I can replicate the things that I know work . It is a science that is dedicated to studying consumer behavior through neuroscience tools.We study the human brain, we study how emotions and how parameters such as attention. Such as stress are reflected in both brain waves and the autonomic nervous system. An example to explain neuromarketing. For example in the sweating of the skin. It has measured what people feel when interacting with these different models. To make modifications and really bring to market the one that is most attractive to them.

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Into a powerful and recognized Brand Here Poland phone number are the 8 keys. That you need to apply so that you go from having an ordinary online store to being a “love brand”. Example of neuromarketing: the L’Oreal experiment The experiment we did with L’Oreal. I did that in Romania, with the team from both Sfera Business and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. It was a collaboration between both countries, and it was something I think quite unique. Because in reality what they did was a social experiment to try to measure the level with which their products. Affect and really improve the lives of their consumers and they wanted to demonstrate an advertising campaign. Actually, it was for the Vichy brand that these products called dermablend came out. Which are for people with very severe acne.

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Your face is full of acne so I know your skin peels, quite severe. And they had the theory that, look, these people have very strong insecurities and when they walk, for example, down the street on a normal tour of the center of Bucharest, there are some emotions that we can improve. So what we did was biometrically measure the signals that the brain and body of these girls with this severe acne were producing while they were just walking around downtown Bucharest. And then, of course, with the help of a psychiatrist, we analyzed all of this and then we measured it, too. It’s amazing because we even have software today that translates that for us in real time. When I have a person with whom I can see in real time, both the raw waves, that is, their alpha, beta, delta brain waves.

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Brain waves It is something very scientific that shows you a percentage and that as we are always also measuring where people look, then when we see a peak of stress we can say, come back for a moment. In other words, let’s see at what point he had this peak of stress , and what he was looking for in order to improve that specific point of the packaging, of the experience, or of the menu, as in the case of the experiment, we did it at the University Polytechnic of Valencia with L’Escaleta, with the restaurant with two Michelin stars. Starbucks does not sell coffee. sell experiences This may be one of the most repeated phrases among marketing professionals when giving examples of this type of technique. I think that is one of the phrases most used by supposed experts in neuromarketing or marketing in general.

But, can anyone use neuromarketing techniques, create content and campaigns based on neuromarketing, or is it necessary to have some type of special training? Of course, knowledge is practically universal in the world in which we are living, and it is precisely what you are talking about, those experiences. It’s a bit trite but really, what is an experience? The experience is produced from the emotions. We produce emotions, we produce sensations and all of this creates a memory that in the end is what we end up calling experience. So, there really is a lot of theory and many examples, there are many recommendations that anyone can follow, as well as what I told you about the eyes, as well as, for example, things in the first person always attract much more attention because our reptilian brain which is like the most primitive we have.

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