When you plan to scale. Screenshot showing the “set your spending limit” page on the Facebook Ads dashboard Create multiple accounts (we created five). This is India B2B List a redundancy that protects against running into any ad spend issues on peak buying days. The last thing you India B2B List want is to have ad delivery issues or suspended accounts when you’re planning on spending over $100,000 a day. Screenshot India B2B List showing multiple Facebook ad accounts. Ensure your credit limit is set high enough to support your rapidly scaling spend. In our case, we worked with PupSocks to prepay large amounts on their credit card ahead of time

Internet Marketing – Ways of Building

Since we couldn’t get the overall limit raised high enough. Don’t count on your ability to keep up with frequent payments on your credit card (to stay below India B2B List the limit) while the campaign is going on, as you’ll get. Stuck waiting on payments to process on India B2B List weekends and/or holidays. Check that the website won’t break under the weight of all that traffic. If you’re on Shopify this India B2B List should never be an issue, but for all other providers run some projected numbers on anticipated. Concurrent website sessions and load test your site using a tool like Load Impact. In the case of PupSocks, we had technical issues for scaling, as they store user

A Mailing List That is Targeted

Uploaded images that are up to India B2B List 20MB in size on their server-side database. Luckily, PupSocks worked endlessly to ensure their site could support the traffic India B2B List we sent. STEP #2: FIND YOUR 4X ROI AD CREATIVE If you’re going to rapidly scale on Facebook during the holidays, India B2B List you’ll need massive reach at the top of the funnel in a very crowded and competitive India B2B List buying environment. Writing an email is a combination of marketing formulas and psychological triggers for you to buy.

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