Use that as your primary keyword. In this case, we have “gifts for dog lovers”. So I would literally call this article “50 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers (Satisfaction Guaranteed!)” china email address list Pro Tip: The reason I added the parentheses. (Satisfaction Guaranteed) is that this helps the meta title china email address list stand out in the search results, which has helped me get more clicks and bump up my china email address list rankings. Now create the article, being sure to follow SEO best practices. Include the keyword in the: Meta title and description Article title URL Image alt text A few times in the content itself Finally, once you publish the article, your work isn’t over.

List Fast Power House Ways

You still need to build links and china email address list promote your article to get it to rank. This means sharing it on social media  emailing other bloggers in your niche to tell them about it. And writing guest posts for other blogs with a link back to the article, just to name a few. Pro Tip: china email address list You can also write gift guides NOT centered on SEO just as a way to guide your customers to the right china email address list gifts. For example, Macy’s created gift guides for “him”, “her”, “teens”, “kids”, etc. Screenshot showing Macy Remember — ranking takes time. So get writing ASAP!

To Build Your List at Warp Speed

OPTIMIZE YOUR AD CAMPAIGNS china email address list We can’t talk about marketing without mentioning ads. Just like you want to write content to target gift keywords, You’ll want to switch up your keyword budget to bid on gift keywords and other seasonal keywords. For china email address list example, “home decor” (the red line below) gets searches all year long. But “Christmas home decor” peaks, obviously, in the last week of November. Screenshot showing Google Trends data It may seem like common china email address list sense, but it can be easy to forget to add these seasonal keywords. To your ad campaigns — or even swap your budget entirely to them during the peak season.

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