The best sales people know they are only as strong as their ability to convey the benefits of their product or service. Of course, you can explain a lot with words. But few things are more effective than strong visuals. In fact, 65% of people learn best with visuals like images, videos, or live content. There’s no better way to pack all that visual content Israel Phone Number than into a business presentation. When done right, a great deck will complement your talking track, keep your audience engaged, and provide structure and consistency to your sales pitch.

What Is a Sales Deck?

A sales medium is usually a Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Apple Keynote presentation that helps you sell your product or services. It’s an add-on to your perfect pitch that’s generic enough to apply to most situations, but also includes enough room for customization so you can adjust it for each prospect. A sales platform is a big part of sales enablement, making it easier to close deals. With a well-constructed deck, you’ll have everything you need to showcase your product’s features and corresponding benefits, along with simple objection-handling visuals and clues for thoughtful conversation.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do, according to bestselling author Simon Sinek. Focus your deck less on the product and its features and more on the benefits. Tell them what it means to work with your company. Describe the end result and the benefits they will get from adopting your product or using your services.


Make Interviews Part of the Process

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Everything you do in sales has to go through the lens of the customer. What would impress them? What would calm their fears? Of course, you can get a lot out of it by researching customers, reading reviews, or making educated guesses. However, there’s no better way than to get it straight from the source. Ask your clients for feedback on your presentation. Ask them what they liked and what could be improved. The more you involve the customer, the better your chances in the long run.

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