Let’s talk about turning one-time customers into loyal, raving email subscribers. One of the most common reasons of abandoned carts is forced account creation. But this guide isn’t about abandoned carts, so why am I mentioning it? Because even if you allow guest checkout, you should still give customers the option to sign up for an account post-purchase. (See image below.) Screenshot showing an order confirmation page. If you simply let them check out as a guest and don’t get them to commit to more, you could lose them as a return customer and you won’t be allowed to send them marketing emails.

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With a post-purchase account creation like Crate & Barrel does, you ensure the best possible chance of a return customer. You can do this using the following apps email marketing romaniaCheckout To Registered Customers BigCommerce. This feature is built in email marketing romania Automatic Account Invites Did you take the time. To set that up? Good — on to my favorite strategy. (Want to learn more about recovering abandoned carts? Check out this guide.) UP THE ANTE WITH CONTENT UPGRADES You’ve got a discount pop-up and you’re capturing as many customer emails as possible.

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You now have a good start on building an email list from scratch. But wait, there’s more! If you really want to up your game and capture as many emails as possible, you need content upgrades. They’re the #1 way Sumo have grown their email list (see video below): A content upgrade is exactly what it sounds like — an upgrade to your site’s content. It could be a PDF download, a checklist, a worksheet, use case, how-to guide — the list goes on. However, your readers need to submit their email to get access to it. For example, the content upgrade to this guide is our

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