But it could be because they changed ad agencies. Finally, I’ll leave you with a visualization of how this stage might work: Screenshot showing the top result for “rewiring a plug” Or, in the case of YouTube videos. Screenshot showing a youtube video and the channel ACTION ITEM: CREATE INFORMATIONAL CONTENT. So now that you know what this stage of the funnel is, it’s time to create informational Benin Email Lists content targeting the people in this stage. You can do this through blog content, a YouTube channel, or other social media. Personally, I recommend using blog content. Since it has the added benefit of being able to rank on search engines for more consistent, higher-qualified traffic. First, do some keyword research to see what people are searching for.

Fantastic Ways On How

You can do this by searching keywords you think people might be searching for, then looking at the “people also search for” section. Screenshot showing the Benin Email Lists bottom of a google search page Pro tip. Notice the searches/mo and dollar amount next to the search phrases? I can see that using a browser extension called Keywords Everywhere. It can also show you more related searches on  Benin Email Lists  the sidebar (see screenshot below). Screenshot showing other keywords for a page Once you’ve found a solid keyword. Write an article or create a video focused on answering that search query. Rinse and repeat until you have a solid repertoire of awareness-focused content.

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THE INTEREST STAGE Benin Email Lists Screenshot showing a marketing funnel Buyers in this stage: Are interested in your brand’s story or the pain point you may be solving. They’re “considering” your product. Who’s in this stage? People who have discovered a need and are still Benin Email Lists researching the solution. Offering an email newsletter or free course teaching people about your Benin Email Lists products and the problems or pain points they solve. Creating a content upgrade, such as a free eBook, a product sample, or a checklist to help your visitors solve their problem.

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