Evergreen content (content that is always of Ghana Phone Number List interest to your subscribers). Is one way to engage with your subscribers outside of promotions or offers. Here is an example email we’ve used at Sumo to send evergreen content: Screenshot showing a Sumo email ENHANCE Ghana Phone Number List YOUR EMAIL CAMPAIGN CONVERSION. BY TRACKING EMAIL Ghana Phone Number List SUBSCRIBERS’ SITE BEHAVIOR Chances are you have Google Analytics (GA) on your website. Be sure to integrate GA with your email service provider to enhance your data. Why is this important for ecommerce businesses

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You want to track how much traffic and sales your email marketing brings to your site. If your campaigns aren’t converting, then you are wasting money. Most importantly, Ghana Phone Number List you are missing revenue opportunities. Action Item: Enable campaign tracking, create segments and create goals.  Ghana Phone Number List ENABLE CAMPAIGN TRACKING MailChimp has a seamless integration Ghana Phone Number List with GA. A couple of clicks, add your tracking code to your emails, and you’re ready to go. Screenshot showing a guide on how to add tracking to your emails If you don’t have MailChimp or a tool that can be integrated,

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you can use Google Analytics URL Ghana Phone Number List Builder to manually create tracking links for your email campaigns. This free tool helps you add parameters to links you use in your email campaigns. You can create a URL that records the name of the campaign, source, medium, and the clicked link.[*] #2 CREATE SEGMENTS AND GOALS Once you’ve enabled campaign tracking, you Ghana Phone Number List should set up your segments in GA. Creating a segment will help you clearly see who came Ghana Phone Number List to your website from which campaign. To create a Segment 1. Go to your Google Analytics account 2. Click Audience > Overview Screenshot showing google analytics audience

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