JPEG Three image formats have become more important in recent years: GIF, PNG, and JPEG. GIF is the only universal choice for animations. It’s such a “simple” base de datos telefonos format because it’s limited to 256 colors. To preserve fine detail with high resolutions, use PNG. Compared base de datos telefonos to JPEG, it’s a lossless compression and is designed for browsers. For photos, screenshots, base de datos telefonos or similar images, use JPEG. JPEG applies lossy compression to images, which is usually not a problem for the internet. So, whenever you need high

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quality images, say as a photographer base de datos telefonos or for certain luxury products, use JPG. In every other case, PNG is the best format. There are free image converters, such as Vector Magic, Imverter, or Mac Image preview (click File > Export) but of course, you can also use paid base de datos telefonos alternatives like Photoshop. TIP #12: CREATE UNIQUE PICTURES/IMAGES AND base de datos telefonos GRAPHICS The most efficient way to stick out with an image or photo is to create your own. Not only does that increase the chance of it being shared on social

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Networks (especially Pinterest) base de datos telefonos but it also gives your content a certain quality. Consider the image in the screenshot below. It’s only a single image that doesn’t help the user to see the product from all angles and make a purchase decision. If I was the manager of the online store. I’d take some pictures myself, which helps me to stick out from other competitors  and improve the user experience. Screenshot showing a bicycle If you want to create graphics but don’t want to use a

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