Both are bad situations. So go into the sharing settings and set it correctly: GIF showing how to share. A Google Drive file And grab that shareable link. Go into mail coo your email collection tool — List Builder, Welcome Mat, Smart Bar or Scroll Box. Click the Success tab, and paste your mail coo shareable link into the Redirect the user to this URL area. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Pasting mail coo that link into that area means your will be directed to that file you uploaded to Google Drive. That way you can bypass the email automation while still directing subscribers to your content upgrade.

A Massive Email List

Dropbox Version Dropbox is the mail coo same as Google Drive. You can take the exact same steps above and send your subscribers to the file location. Go into mail coo Dropbox and get the shareable link like normal, making sure the settings allow everyone with the link to view: GIF showing mail coo how to share a file hosted on Dropbox Step 2: Here’s where it gets interesting. Take that shareable URL mail coo and add this small bit of code to the end this. You would change it to.

Proven Step By Step Action Plan

Take that link and pop it into mail coo your email collection tool. Go into the form pop-up you’re using, click the Success tab and paste your shareable link into the. Redirect the user to this Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Now, when people subscribe, they won’t go to the mail coo Dropbox site. The file will automatically download in their browser. It saves an extra step and keeps your mail coo subscribers from searching for the download button on Dropbox. Cross “learning email automation” off your list mail coo (for now). This hack lets you spend time on the other parts of your business you want to focus on.

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