INSTAGRAM MARKETING STRATEGY (RESULT: EARNING $5,000+ IN ONE DAY) Social media is great for ecommerce. Plenty of stores are making loads of belgium business mailing list money on Facebook and Snapchat and all the other platforms. But spreading your belgium business mailing list attention between too many platforms is confusing, aggravating, and time-consuming. The alternative? Screenshot showing an instagram post Use these Instagram marketing strategies. To drive revenue to your online belgium business mailing list store (in addition to the simple Pinterest strategy, of course). You can thank me later. 12. INFLUENCER MARKETING STRATEGY

How to Start Off in Email List

MILLION PEOPLE REACHED) belgium business mailing list Alright, no points for creativity here; everyone knows about influencer marketing at this point. But for good reason — it works! Screenshot showing an Instagram profile What if you could leverage an audience of 2.2 belgium business mailing list million people without spending years building it for yourself. What if you could do that without spending a fortune on advertising or selling your soul? Well, you can. Click here to find out how. 13. FACEBOOK ADS STRATEGY (RESULT: $4 MILLION REVENUE) Facebook ads work. They always have and probably always will.

List Building – How to Make Small Lists

(Unless we the people finally get sick of the big FB’s manipulation — unlikely, but possible.) How well do they work? Well enough to bring $4,000,000 in revenue on a $1,000,000 ad spend. The ad that did this is hilariously simple, too. Check it out. Screenshot showing a Facebook post Of course, very few of us have a million dollars to dump into Facebook ads. But with that kind of ad spend, you learn a lot of lessons on what makes a good ad. Want to learn those lessons? Click here to read our six-step guide to sensational Facebook ads. 14. EMAIL RESEND STRATEGY (RESULT: 6% ADDITIONAL OPENS)

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