Businesses include Beard brand, who sell multiple products within the male grooming niche. Screenshot showing cleanse kits on Beard brand Another example of a multi-product, single-category businesses is Paper & Camera. Paper & Camera sells multiple Photoshop templates (digital products) in the photography niche. Screenshot showing an eCommerce store In the C2C and C2B space, there are marketplaces like Envato. That enable customers to sell digital downloads (like audio files, After Effects templates, and WordPress themes) to both businesses and customers

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Screenshot showing a gig on fiverr MULTI-CATEGORY BUSINESSES Multi-category eCommerce. Businesses often start out as single-product or multi-product, single-category businesses and expand as their revenue and customer demand grows. For example, way back in 1995. Amazon El Salvador WhatsApp Number List started out as a book marketplace: Screenshot showing Amazon And now it sells El Salvador WhatsApp Number List millions of products across almost every category you could think of. Screenshot showing categories on Other examples of multi-category businesses include: Mountain Warehouse

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A company that sells products across multiple categories in the outdoor niche. Screenshot showing an eCommerce store ASOS, a clothing store selling products across multiple categories for both men and women. Screenshot showing Asos As your business grows you can add new product lines and categories. For example, Mignon started out by selling kitchen products, and later expanded to include other types of homeware products.Screenshot showing an ecommerce store SUBSCRIPTION BUSINESSES The eCommerce subscription space has grown significantly over recent years with the market growing by more than 100% a year

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