For example, homeware brand, Wayfair, uses #WayfairAtHome to encourage customers to share images of their products. Screenshot showing an instagram mobile phone number search australia tag Wayfair will then repost some of the user generated content. To its own mobile phone number search australia Instagram profile and provide a link (in its bio) for people to directly shop for the products featured in the image. To promote your hashtag you could include it within your Instagram bio (like Wayfair): Screenshot showing an instagram. Profile You could also include the hashtag in your own Instagram posts and share it with your followers on Twitter or

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Facebook as well as sending a message out to your email list. To further entice your audience to create user generated content you could offer discounts or store credit to encourage action. 5. AID PRODUCT DISCOVERY WITH A MESSENGER BOT More than 1.3 billion people now use Messenger! mobile phone number search australia least heard about the incredible rate at which Messenger has grown. But what many people don’t realize is the power Messenger has to offer ecommerce businesses. Building a Messenger bot for your ecommerce business is super-simple and enables you to get creative with how customers can

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interact with your store, discover products and more. For example, Lego has a neat bot that helps customers find the perfect gift: Screenshot showing a messenger conversation. Baby furniture business DECEN Muebles Infantiles’ bot helps shoppers to browse their catalog directly with Messenger and has helped them to generate more than $4,000 in sales. Screenshot showing a messenger conversation Bots enable you to provide customers with fun. Conversational experiences and new ways to view the products you have available within your store — all without needing the customers to leave Messenger.

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