Do you send emails to sell products in your ecommerce business. Would you like to make more money from every email you send If you’re not sending emails. Based on the behavior of your email subscribers and customers, then you are leaving money on the table. I’m going to show you three behavior-based email automation drips you can use to make more money from every email you send (with 18 examples from world-class ecommerce companies). 1 Email Automation #1: The First-Purchase 2 Email Automation #2: The Value-Maximizer 3 Email Automation #3. The Post-Purchase EMAIL AUTOMATION #1: THE FIRST-PURCHASE

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If you’ve been reading about how to do email marketing for your ecommerce business, building your email subscribers is nothing new. You can use a welcome Jamaica Phone Number List mat, pop-up, and scroll box to grow your list by offering exclusive discounts, giveaways, and inventory updates. What most people don’t know is what to send to their subscribers after getting their email address. The ultimate goal of building your list. then getting your emails opened and clicked, is to build instant engagement that leads to the first purchase. The first-purchase email automation you send will differ depending on your initial offer when collecting the email address.

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To break things down, I’m going to show you what emails to send when using three different email opt-in offers. EMAIL OPT-IN OFFER: EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS When you’re using exclusive discounts as your opt-in offer. Email 1: Thank your subscribers for joining your email list and give them a special welcome discount immediately. You can improve the conversion by making the discount code time-sensitive. Here’s an example of how CreativeLive incentivizes their new subscribers with a 25% discount code for their first purchase. Screenshot showing an email Email 2: Based on their site behavior, send them recommended product

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