Screenshot showing a YouTube comment There seems to be at least some demand. Hand-painted customized backpacks with rubber patches. Sound good to me. Simple to school contact list database start, and after successful validation (aka making sales), I could easily improve by offering more rubber patch versions until I’m able to actually offer customizable backpacks alá NikeID. So far, so good. Now it was time to find a supplier who can help me build my business. PRODUCT SOURCING Finding a good and reliable supplier is crucial for any ecommerce business. The first website I visited was, obviously, Alibaba com.

How To Build Email Lists For Marketing Campaigns

There’s no other website with that many suppliers. Personally, I’ve had good and bad experiences with suppliers from Alibaba in the past. As the majority of my experiences were good, I wasn’t afraid to look for suppliers on it, even though some voices on the web are brutal when talking about school contact list database Alibaba. I simply looked up some terms like backpack, tactical backpack, military backpack, functional backpack, etc. Screenshot showing four bags I had to look up hundreds of different backpacks to really find what I wanted. My criteria for the perfect backpack was: Be available in black. Have space for a laptop.

How To Build Email Lists For Marketing Campaigns

Have at least 40 liters of volume. Cost no more than $15 each. Have space for my logo + customization. This was definitely not fun or exciting work. It took me eight to ten school contact list database hours of pure research until I had a selection of five backpacks that matched my needs. Screenshot showing spreadsheet of suppliers I reached out to everyone and asked: How high their minimum order quantity (MOQ) is. How much each backpack is How much shipping to Germany (my location) is, and How much the rubber patches are. When picking a supplier, not only the price plays a role. I want my supplier to reply within 24 hours (maximum).

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