To tie it in with Halloween, use fun wording like “Don’t be scared you’ll run out of X” or “Don’t be left in the dark this. Halloween Get our new spooky product bundles while they last!” But if you don’t care to add new products or bundles, there’s another option. USE SPOOKY PACKAGING Your products themselves may not. Have anything to do with Halloween — but you can always change up your packaging to be festive. Picture showing a bunch of gifts With a simple Google search, I found a few companies you can reach out to get Halloween shipping materials

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Jakodan (Denmark, Europe) Oriental Trading Company (Nebraska, USA) Wholesale Central (Connecticut, USA) SoOPAK. (Ontario, Canada) Of course, if you already buy your shipping boxes wholesale, you can call your manufacturer and ask if they offer Halloween boxes. If you’re  Belarus WhatsApp Number List  dropshipping, you can likewise ask your dropshipper if they have Halloween packaging. 6. HOST A HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY Everyone loves a good giveaway, especially when it involves Halloween. Want to have one of your own? Follow these steps: STEP 1: FIGURE OUT WHAT TO GIVE AWAY Obviously, if you’re going to do a giveaway

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You need something to give away. This is a great chance to use some of those new Halloween-themed products and bundles you made in tactic #4. STEP 2: CONSIDER A PARTNERSHIP To get more eyeballs (and create a better prize pool), consider partnering up with a non-competitor like AppSumo do with their giveaways. They can give away some of their products and share the giveaway with their following. For example (while not Halloween related), Shopify store Colourpop teamed up with Hello Kitty to create some awesome collaborative products and giveaways.

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