Have a call to action, and include whatever link or opt-in address you want people to visit on your profile bio. Screenshot showing bestselfco Using this strategy, we managed to get 792 followers in just a few weeks. Those followers in turn would be prompted to check out our Kickstarter phone book india every time we posted an image. And since our images were filled with relevant hashtags that boosted the reach phone book india of our posts. People from beyond our followers were seeing them as well and going through to the phone book india Kickstarter.  Doing a viral giveaway is a great way to build your list quickly.

Your Email List Is Looking For

We used KingSumo Giveaways, the WordPress plugin, to get this set-up. It’s super quick and easy. Once we set it up we just had to let it run on it’s own, and this phone book india .  Since our Kickstarter campaign was for a productivity tool for entrepreneurs and high achievers, we needed to phone book india target people in that market with our giveaway prize. Had we just wanted to gather as many emails as possible we could have given away an iPad or Xbox.

Use eBay to Build an Email List When Starting

We curated a selection of products based on what we found the most useful personally. And also based on things our target market were using and blogging about. Many of the software products we were giving away like RescueTime, Evernote, FollowUp.cc were very popular deals for AppSumo over the past year, so we knew our target market was into this stuff. Screenshot showing a giveaway and highlighting the kickstarter campaign owner After curating a selection of software books. And other physical products, we launched our giveaway on July 18th. Our plan was to let it run for a month until the day before our

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