To give discounts, go to the Grow Email List Shortcut inside Sumo and make your way to Step 2: Build Your Email. Make it look how you want it, add your discount code, and change your call to action to something like “SHOP NOW”. Screenshot showing an email sign up popup Pro tip: If you use Shopify. You can create abandoned cart pop-ups that give unique discount codes directly to your customers when they are on your site (see below). Screenshot showing an email signup success popup Want some examples of real Shopify stores’ pop-ups for inspiration

Targeted Email List

Click the button below to get the list building swipe file I put together: Shopify List Building Swipe File Besides discounts, you can also use content upgrades or store French Business Fax List credit giveaways. But more on those in a bit for now, let’s talk about when to show your shiny new pop-up.  (OK, there are more annoying things. But still!) How do you avoid frustrating your visitors while still capturing as many emails as possible and growing your online store?

Email List Building For Newbies

By giving them time to breathe. You can accomplish this in two ways: Use exit-intent pop-ups. Exit intent means your pop-up will display when the user’s mouse leaves the web browser, signaling an intent to leave, or exit, the page. Display your pop-up on a timer. Rather than loading a pop-up when the page loads, give the users some time to read through your content or view your products and establish trust. You can choose your display settings in Step 4: Confirm Your Display Settings in Sumo’s Grow Email List Shortcut. We make it straightforward to choose when your pop-up shows up,

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