Clicks Revenue Conversions Bounce rate Pages per visit Dwell time IDEA #8: HIGHLIGHT ONE PRODUCT AT THE TOP For category and subcategory pages. It makes sense to test highlighting the best-seller or best-rated product of that category at the top. On the category page for electronics on, you can see an iPad highlighted, for example. Walmart has a slider with 4-5 products in the header, probably depending on offers, season, and other factors. Screenshot showing a landing page  The idea of a lean page, one without many elements and mostly visuals, can be applied to category pages.

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You need to find the right balance between [x and y], but you can go as far as showing product images only and providing more details when hovering over the image. Here’s mobile number in china how Shopify store Triangl does it: Screenshot showing an ecommerce page featuring bikinis. Indicating mobile number in china a sale on a category page helps visitors to make a product decision. The idea is to turn a mobile number in china browsing behavior into a specific buying intent. Here’s how Shopify store Chalkd does it: Screenshot showing multiple products Given that category

Test and measure the impact of adding a buyer’s guide or offer shopping advice from an expert. Screenshot showing home audio products IDEA #12: mobile number in china SHOWING ONLY SUBCATEGORIES VS. SUBCATEGORIES AND PRODUCTS Even though the main job of category pages is to narrow down the user’s search. For example from “audio” to “speakers,” it’s interesting to test showing selected products on them as well. A good indicator of success would be clicks and conversions for such an experiment.

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