Search is the quiet giant of web searches. According to data from Jumpshot, over 20% of all U.S. web searches happen on Google Images.[*] Screenshot showing www bellcogenerics com search engine stats That’s more than on Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube combined! Image www bellcogenerics com optimization is more complex than it first appears. But when you know how, it can help you attain qualified traffic and crack www bellcogenerics com hard search results pages. How? Google integrated images into “normal” search results in www bellcogenerics com 2007 and started to show pictures for certain keywords (called vertical search). For example, on this search page for taco (hat tip to Noah Kagan), there are three universal

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search integrations: maps, knowledge www bellcogenerics com graph (with nutrition values), and images. Screenshot showing Google search results for taco Search results look different depending on your search. Often, images are somewhere integrated on the page. Consider this case for www bellcogenerics com summer jacket. If you’re an ecommerce store and can’t rank in the regular organic results, you can still get valuable traffic by ranking an image. Screenshot showing google search results for jackets That’s just one example of how you can outrank incumbents with images. It’s very powerful! That’s why in this article I present 16 tips for optimizing images for organic traffic.

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I’ve drawn many recommendations from the Google image optimization guide and case studies throughout the internet.[*] The tips are in order of impact, so tip #1 has more impact than tip #16. 1 Tip #1: Choose Images Related To Your Content 2 Tip #2: Optimize Image Alt Text, Filename, And Caption 3 Tip #3: Reduce Image Size To Increase Page Speed 4 Tip #4: Define Image Dimensions In The Source Code 5 Tip #5: Make Images Responsive 6 Tip #6: Add Images To XML Sitemaps 7 Tip #7: Optimize The Image URL 8 Tip #8: Optimize Page Title And Description 9 Tip #9: Add Structured Data To Images 10 Tip #10: Don’t Over-

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