Uber Eats. People like the convenience of having food delivered to their homes, even from places that don’t usually deliver. Instagram. Users mainly use Instagram to connect with their friends, share their memories, and browse entertaining content when they get bored. You analyze those uses and build a better product. That’s what we do with Sumo and that’s why we’re increasing our focus on ecommerce. You reward loyal customers with a discount if they buy an annual plan… and you do many, many more things based on your customers’ behavior. This is all behavioral segmentation.

How Often Should I Mail

HOW: BRICK AND MORTAR BUSINESSES You have a fancy Italian restaurant. Nice. When an occasion like Valentine’s Day is coming up, you run a special promotion, new jersey mailing list showing a promotional image for a restaurant You’re directly catering to your audience now. See how they’re offering a great deal for couples. Couples are looking for a fun, romantic night out, and they don’t want to break the bank. Perfect occasion for a deal on this. You can run different, more efficient campaigns to different customers, all based on their behavior. Imagine you got the email address of someone on a date.

My List For the Highest Level of Sales

You can send occasional promotions for a “couple’s night” meal on a slow weeknight, and they’d be more likely to come back than if you picked a random person who ate at your restaurant. HOW: BLOGGERS You run a fitness blog. You can segment your audience based on what they’re trying to accomplish. What benefit do they get from your products. You can have different articles on your blog that cater to these three different reader types, and you can set up your email collection tool to put subscribers into different lists based on which article they signed up from.

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