Customer buys something from your Pakistan B2B List store for the first time. WHY YOU SHOULD USE IT If you can write good email copy, sending a thank-you email to a new customer can be beneficial to your branding. You can really hook someone in with the right email. Happy Pakistan B2B List Email puts a 30-minute delay between the purchase and the delivery of the email, which creates a Pakistan B2B List more natural, conversational tone with you and the customer. Don’t think you write good email copy? They also have some awesome templates you can use right away. Here’s an example of a great thank-you email that you can send with

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Happy Email (this is one of their templates). Screenshot showing a thank you email Click here to get Happy Email for your store. Of the sales the app generates for Pakistan B2B List you Rating. 5 / 5 on the Shopify App Store, 279 reviews Platforms: Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Pakistan B2B List Magento. And more WHAT IT DOES Personalized Recommendations is an upselling/Pakistan B2B List cross-selling tool. It helps increase your sales by recommending products that customers may like based on their browsing behavior and purchase history.

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Upselling on your ecommerce site is Pakistan B2B List possibly the easiest way to increase your sales. Let’s assume that you’re buying coffee from an ecommerce store. Everyone needs that morning cup o’ joe. As you’re about to check out, you get recommended coffee filters, or a really Pakistan B2B List cool mug that you like… wouldn’t you be a lot more likely to buy those products than usual? That’s what Pakistan B2B List Personal Recommendations does for you. There are five different ways you can recommend a product to your customers with this tool. Suggest items most frequently bought together Show the best sellers of the store Show customers their

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