Are you looking for ways to publish content while saving time? If so, have you considered reposting your top performing post? Over the past year, we’ve T-Shirt Design tried to republish the best articles on CMI. The results so far have been impressive. Republished posts perform well in traffic, social shares, and email conversions. Plus, they save our editorial team time. Our republished posts perform well in clicks, social shares, and email conversions.  Of course, reposting a post is not a new idea. Many sites use this method. However, we face a particular challenge at CMI: our URLs T-Shirt Design contain the year and month of the publication. This means we can’t simply update the post and republish it with the same URL as many sites do. (If the site were to be built from scratch today, the URL for this particular date isn’t the approach we’d take, but it’s the one we’d have to use.)

To Redirect or Not to Redirect T-Shirt Design

We need to decide if we want to redirect so that we have a version or multiple versions of the post. Yes, our parameters are a bit more complicated, but we found the T-Shirt Design logging guidelines very useful. We hope that sharing our republishing guidelines will be helpful to those who are dealing with similar issues. Include your republish guide in the editorial calendar so the entire team can easily access it. It makes sense to republish your best content. Not only does it save your team time, but it lets you publish what your audience wants. You might worry that T-Shirt Design people will be unhappy if they see the same article twice, but let’s be honest: most readers won’t read everything, and even regular readers may have good ideas. We have never received a complaint about republishing an article. Instead, these posts (which we label “Supported by Popular Demand”) are usually the best performing posts of the month.

Find the Best Posts to Repost T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

Start your process by finding the post you want to repost. If you’re tracking email conversions, this is usually easy to do. I also looked at traffic and social shares to T-Shirt Design see which posts exceeded expectations, but “converted to email” was my top metric. I looked at information from the past six months to a year. Additionally, we are (slowly) moderating all blog posts. This brings in a lot of information, and I find that older posts are no longer getting useful traffic. My list of posts to repost is part of my annual editorial plan, but you can keep a running list in your editorial calendar. For each post, I keep track of the following information: The last component T-Shirt Design raises the question – do republished posts always need to be updated? Short answer: no. We’ve tried a variety of things, from few updates to major overhauls, and the results are similar. You’ll also want to think about how to schedule republished posts on your editorial calendar. Do you want to run them intermittently as part of a regular editorial, or do you want to run them at specific times 

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